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Business Cooperation

Cooperate with Walabama

Business Cooperation

Walabama cooperates with a wide range of partners to provide benefits, discounts, and help small private stores, individual entrepreneurs, online e-commerce, etc., to achieve a win-win situation of cooperation!

Whether you are an ordinary buyer, an online celebrity blogger on the platform, or a store owner, you can cooperate with us.

1. You can display the products or services you want to sell on our website.
2.  You can do your advertisement on our website.
3. You can introduce the products on our website to your relatives and friends, and each order will be rewarded with 10-50 US dollars.
4. You can share the products on our website to social media platforms to support dropshipping.
5. Any other form of business cooperation.

If you are interested in working with us, Please Contact Us.

Or contact our marketing department directly at for more information.

We only welcome proposals from the US because we are a US business.



We have multiple warehouses in the east and west of the United States, mainly located in California and Georgia, with sufficient supply. If you have friends who want to buy our products, or have shared our products on social media, which has attracted customers to buy, we You will be rewarded with 10-50 dollars directly.

Process: 1. According to the price of our website, sell to your customers.
              2. After receiving the payment, come to our website to place an order.
              3. Get the discount code
              4. Fill in the customer's receiving name, address, telephone number, zip code, and email address.
             5. Place an order now

You may feel that these operations are complicated, you can also contact us directly, we will provide a simpler operation process to help you solve the problem and fulfill the order.

We are working on a more streamlined dropshipping process.

Brand Cooperation


Wholesale Distribution

Walabama warehouse

Walabama is mainly a retail website, and this is just one of our sales channels. Our parent company has a research and development team and a production factory.
Therefore, we have the absolute strength to distribute products, and you can rest assured to become our distributor, whether it is the quality of the source of goods, logistics, transportation, price, after-sales service, etc., are very complete, please believe us!

After 2 years of market polishing, we already have some high-quality wholesale distributors, and we are very happy to cooperate.

If you are interested in opening an account to become our distributor, we warmly welcome you.

We look forward to your joining!